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Autopsy Tables

We design, construct, produce and install individual autopsy table systems with the highest quality and a variety of functions. The specific requirements of our clients are particularly important to us. Our autopsy tables are characterised by their ease of cleaning and their individual design options.


The air is extracted on the underside of the protruding cover, which enables a smooth and easy-to-clean support surface. The gradual arrangement of the basins and the cutting surface with a cutting board ensures ergonomic work for everyone involved in the section. The working height of the autopsy tables can be individually adjusted in a range of approx. 400mm. The arrangement and number of water fittings, sockets and control elements can be designed individually. The size, arrangement and design of the pools is adapted to the requirements of our clients. Our autopsy tables are made entirely of stainless steel 1.4301. The drainage channels are made with hygienic radii on the floor to ensure easy cleaning.

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