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Autopsy Table - Basic Model 

Technical Specifications


3100 mm (other dimensions on request)


900 mm or 1000 mm

Working height:

740 - 1160 mm electrically height adjustable

Dissecting area:

Length 2100 mm x width 900/1000 mm with positive or negative embossed lying surface (selectable)

Basin size:

1 piece 370 x 450 x 200 mm with drainer insert / 1 piece 370 x 245 x 170 mm

Water fittings:

Mixer tap with shower head and swivel spout on the cover of the basin area (types can be selected)

Cutting area:

550 mm x 900/1000 mm

Cutting boards:

2 pieces 416 x 482 x 35 mm / with circumferential juice groove

Load capacity:

300 kg

Exhaust air volume:

On the front control panel adjustable via selector switch max. 1100 m3 / h (via on-site ventilation system)

Exhaust air extraction:

At the bottom, around the entire work surface with a drip edge so that no liquid is sucked off

Telescopic apron:

With all-round brush seal

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