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Sample Preparation Station with Service Cell at the back

The development and production of special workplaces for the highest demands according to the needs of our customers are one of our strengths. The sample receiving table is an example of how such a workplace can be designed.


The cover and the substructure of this sample receiving table are made of Cr-Ni 1.4571, as very aggressive chemicals are used in this workstation. This workplace consists of the sampling table and the fresh air supply on the ceiling. The interaction between the fresh air supply element and the sampling table creates a laminar air flow for optimal working conditions. The air extraction in the grossing tables is carried out by a surface extraction in the work surface, an edge suction in the area of the old formalin spout as well as a rear wall suction over the entire length of the table. The basin under the work surface is provided with a sprinkler pipe, the drainage channel of the basin is made with hygienic radii on the floor to ensure easy cleaning.

Technical Specifications


According to customer requirements


2380 mm


920/1220 mm

Working height:

910 mm

Basin size:

400 x 320 x 200 mm

Used formalin spout:

Ø 133 mm

Water fittings:

Mixer tap with swivel spout and pull-out shower on the surface in the area of the basin

Garbage disposal chute:

Ø 250 mm

Supply / exhaust air volume:

600 m3 / h (via on-site ventilation system)


- 3 drawer blocks on the long side and a hinged door cabinet for the used formalin tank
- On the right front side a hinged door cabinet for the waste bin and a hinged door cabinet for installations

MAK limits:

- Significantly below legal maximum limit 

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