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Programmable Laboratory Rocker 

A programmable Rocker for controlled reproducible washing and mixing protocols. Gasser Apparatebau brings the Rocker to the biomedical laboratory.

The Rocker lets you...

  • alter amplitude, duration and intermittence of rocking platform movements

  • define optimal movement conditions to improve the reproducibility and reliability of all your blotting procedures or immunodiagnostic tests


The Rocker has two modes of operation: automatic and manual. In automatic mode, the swing of the platform is uniform with control over frequency and stroke of rocking. In manual mode, the platform may be stopped at the full stroke position for a controlled period of time. The speed of the platform to the full stroke position is also programmable.

Maximum load:    

5 kilograms


/8" to 1 1/2" stroke in 1/8" increments


3 1/2 hours in automatic mode. In manual mode the timer controls the delay time at the full stroke position


2 to 50 full cycles per minute in automatic mode. In manual mode the frequency determines the speed at which the platform moves to each full stroke position

Technical Specifications

Power connection:                   100-270V

Power consumption:                12 to 60 watts (depending on load)

Ambient temperature:              2-55°C

Relative humidity at 20°C:      max 60%

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