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Demonstration Autopsy Table with Service Cell

Technical Specifications


1545 mm

Storage area:

370 x 900/1000 mm

Water fittings:

- Mixer tap with swivel spout and shower head on the cover in the area of the basin

- Mixer faucet with shower on the long side of the table

Working height:

750 - 1100 mm electrically height adjustable


900 mm

Dissecting area:

-  690 x 900 mm with perforated sheet metal cover (perforation with deep-drawn collars)

-  A sprinkler basin is mounted under the perforated metal sheets

Cutting area:

- 550 x 900 mm

- With 2 perforated sheets (perforation with deep-drawn collars)

- A sprinkler basin is mounted under the perforated metal sheets

Basin size:

1 piece 357 x 450 x 200 mm, 1 piece 357 x 245 x 170 mm

Cutting boards:

- 500 x 400 x 20 mm, with all-round juice groove

Load capacity:

250 kg

Exhaust air volume:

Adjustable max. 600 m3 / h (via on-site ventilation system)

Service cell:

-  Length: 299 x width: 885 x height: 2280 mm, with 1 wing door

-  The following services are installed: electrics with sub-distribution of hot and cold water exhaust duct

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