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Waste Water Sterilisation

Gasser Apparatebau offers a sterilisation system for the treatment of waste water from blood waste, secretions and excretions from humans or animals at risk of infection. The laboratory wastewater contains organic and chemical materials. They are often contaminated, especially by NCTAs (non-conventional transmissible agents). The system has been specifically developed for medical laboratories, morgues and autopsy rooms and treats all contaminated waste water in its entirety in accordance with the standards of the Water Authority ISO 15-189 and Decree No. 94-469 of June 3, 1994 relating to the collection and treatment of Sewage. The fully automatic system enables the sterilisation of the waste water liquids produced on site. The control panel enables full automation and continuous control of the process. The waste water pretreatment plant is a perfect fit for sustainable development, as it enables easy operation for staff by treating waste water on site.

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