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Gasser Apparatebau und Laborzubehör

Gasser Apparatebau supplies medical departments worldwide with system solutions for projects related to research, environment, industry, life sciences and medicine.

We develop, produce and instal innovative system solutions and devices and make sure that our products and services fit perfectly into any process chain. 

This includes facilities for hospitals, laboratories, pathologies, forensic medicine and systems for chemical supply and disposal which are related to chemistry and gas systems as well as special laboratory equipment for processes in biotechnology.

Even in times of globalisation and increasing costs, we work with highly qualified employees in order to provide the hallmark of excellence "Swiss Made".

"Swiss Made" is not just a label, it is our business philosophy. Based on Swiss values such as motivation, trust and precision, it is our main goal to offer the best possible quality at all times and therefore we manufacture our products in Switzerland.

Through regular dialog with doctors and technicians who work with our products on a daily basis, we are able to continuously incorporate the latest research into our product development. The well thought-out details and the user-friendliness of our systems optimise work processes in hospitals, clinics and practices around the world.

Gasser Apparatebau is not only a manufacturer, but also an engineering office and experienced general contractor who will support you in every respect.

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