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Morgue Refrigerators

The modular body cooling systems meet all requirements of modern, hygienic storage and transport technology for hospitals, funerals, crematoriums and cemeteries.

We have specialised ourselves in customised designs. Clients can show us on site which areas they would like to use for cold storage, and we will take care of the rest. We guarantee you an optimal use of space with many design options to choose from.


  • Morgue refrigerators and deep-freeze cells with several tiers for the storage of coffins or trays

  • Entire refrigeration equipment

  • Surfaces made of stainless steel or coated sheet steel

  • Cold room and freezer room insulation with optimal polyurethane rigid foam thermal insulation up to 150 mm

  • Cold room doors and special doors, runways

  • Front loading or pass-through option with mutual door locking

  • Compound refrigeration systems, individual systems

  • High-quality materials and appropriate constructions guarantee a long service life and use

  • Optimal price-performance ratio

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