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Tissue Disposal Workstation

When disposing of old tissue fixed in formalin, the formaldehyde load is particularly high. Therefore we have designed a tissue disposal area that keeps the formaldehyde exposure as low as possible for the person responsible for its disposal.


The worktop consists of a large used formalin basin with a sieve insert and continuous rear wall air extraction as well as integrated wall extraction. The basin has a drain for used formalin, which can be opened and closed, and a drain for waste water, which can also be opened and closed. The insertable sieve serves to drain off the tissue of formalin. Next to it is a tissue chute with an exhaust cupboard. The base cabinet is open at the bottom so a container trolley can be rolled into the cupboard. This base cabinet can optionally be equipped with a pneumatic scale, which is lifted after the trolley has been placed, so that the weight can be read on the display on the worktop during tissue disposal. Like that the plastic container cannot be overfilled. In addition to the tissue disposal shaft, there is a shaft for residual waste with a vacuumed base cabinet. In this base cabinet, which is open at the bottom, a trolley with a garbage bag can be placed, which catches the garbage when it is thrown in the shaft. There is also a choice of one or two sinks for washing out the tissue containers that are to be reused. For the pump, which is located below the old formalin basin, the customer can choose whether he would like a fill level indicator for the canisters or whether he would like to discharge the old formalin with a pump to the on-site disposal system or by using the gravity principle.


The tissue disposal workstation is made entirely of CrNi steel 1.4301. The worktop is designed with a hygiene radius of 20 on the rear edge to facilitate cleaning of this workplace.

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