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Central Sterilisation (CSSD)

We offer tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs and fit your spatial conditions. Due to our constant exchange with users about their tasks to be performed, we are able to seamlessly integrate our products into the process of reprocessing surgical instruments. Our well thought-out workplaces in clean rooms and normal areas are designed to incorporate various work processes in terms of size, equipment, functionality and ergonomics.


We offer a large selection of high-performance ultrasonic baths for manual ultrasonic cleaning of various types of medical instruments through to automated suction rinsing devices for reprocessing MIS and robotic instruments. In order to avoid inhaling harmful aerosols, for example when working with a steamer, we have developed a unique aerosol protection for your staff so that protective equipment is no longer necessary.

The unpleasant aerosols generated in the treatment process can be significantly reduced and repelled due to our aerosol protection, which can be operated directly above the cleaning bath using the foot control - a real problem solver.

The workplaces in the packing area are designed in such a way that the packing tables are adapted in size, equipment and functionality to the spatial conditions and the flow of goods. This relieves the CSSD team and saves time.


We supplement your CSSD with modern centralised and decentralised systems for the dosing and control of cleaning and disinfection products with data acquisition for the automatic supply and monitoring of cleaning systems with process control and validation, as well as admixing devices for the production of ready-to-use cleaning and disinfecting solutions in order to achieve optimal cleaning results.

Our functional furniture, cabinets, built-in work tables and mobile elements are made of stainless steel and are robust, durable and easy to care for. They are resistant to weak organic and non-organic acids and offer reliable functions, ease of use and safety of the highest quality.

All of our stainless steel furniture is made entirely of chromium-nickel steel and can be made of the material 1.4301 (V2A) or 1.4571 (V4A) in hygienic versions H1, H2 or H3, as required.

Optimal ergonomics, flexibility, functionality and an individual, modular structure are also prerequisites for modern workplaces. Whether you opt for a stepless adjustment of the work table with a clamping screw, hand crank or electric motor depends on your requirements and work processes. We are sure that we can design the perfect ergonomic workplace for you.

We supply corresponding carrier systems with the highest quality standards for use in the medical work environment. Thanks to their internal cable routing, our support systems for monitors have proven to be the best of all the support arms tested in terms of hygiene control and infection prevention.

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