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Safety Workstation

Developing and building safety cabinets that guarantee maximum safety and meet the needs of our clients is a challenge for which we found the perfect solution. 


Our safety workstations consist of air stream rails with built-in ejectors that create several air curtains in order to guide escaping vapors safely and effectively to the extraction system. The worktop is provided with an easy-to-clean hygienic radius at the back. The welded-in basins can be equipped with several drains as required. This allows chemicals and wastewater to be fed to different pipeline systems.

Technical specifications


3500 mm


900 mm

Working height:

850 mm

Work surface:

3500 x 730 mm

Basin size:

500 x 600 x 350 mm (4 pieces)

Water faucet:

Four mixer taps with swivel spout mounted on the back wall of the basin

Supply/exhaust air volume:

Adjustable max. 2000 m3/h (via on-site ventilation system)

Fresh air ceiling lights:

- Ceiling lights with integrated fresh air supply are mounted on the rear wall
- Ceiling lights with integrated fresh air supply are also suspended from the ceiling 


- Tubular frame with panelling
- Recess for pneumatic used formalin pump

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