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Grossing Workstation on the Wall with Service Cell at the back

Technical Specifications


With or without height adjustment

Height adjustment:

Working height 850/1050 mm


Standard 3300 mm / 3900 mm (other lengths possible on customer request)


7 50/950 mm

Working height:

Without electrical height adjustment 850 mm / total height minimum 2300 mm (height adapted to customer requirements)

Work surface:

Suctioned work area length 1500 x width 750 mm (with four perforated sheet metal inserts with deep-drawn hole pattern)

Basin size:

400 x 400 x 250 mm

Used formalin spout:

Ø 195 mm with strainer insert

Water faucet:

Mixer tap with swivel spout and pull-out shower on the cover in the basin area

Garbage disposal chute:

220 x 220 mm, extracted / 50 m3 / h 

Exhaust air volume:

Adjustable max. 1200 m3 / h (via on-site ventilation system) for the work area

Additional air extraction on the back over the entire length of the work surface


- Extracted lower cabinet with pull-out and integrated rubbish bag holder  

- Double door base cabinet for service supply to the pool and an optional canister to collect used formalin

- Niche with storage space

MAK limits:

- Legal maximum limit values are significantly undercut

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