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Mobile Disposal Point for Solvents

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This product, developed by the company Gasser Apparatebau und Laborzubehör, is specially designed for the disposal of small amounts of solvents. The mobile compressed air operated solvent suction device is used for the safe disposal and safe transport of solvents such as ethanol, xylene, dye etc to the disposal point. The suction device was developed as a closed system based on the given guidelines. The air contained with xylene, ethanol or formalin vapors, which escapes from the tank during suction, is specifically blown out via a pipe through an activated carbon filter.


With optical level indicator and automatic switch-off when the device tank is full

  • High delivery rate of approx. 57 liters / min.

  • Conductive suction hose DN 8 x 2.5 m with stainless steel end piece and ball point

  • Conductive drainage hose DN 12 x 2.5 m, equipotential bonding cable with grounding clamp

  • Conductive roles, low-maintenance and easy-to-maintain construction

  • Integrated filter pressure reducer with automatic condensate drain and pressure gauge

  • All weld seams made gas-tight with vacuum test

  • Overhead dome cover with an inner Ø of approx. 150 mm

  • Tank bottom and lid shaped like a cap for complete emptying

Used Dyes Extractor

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