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Large Staining Station with Circulating Air Filtration System

Technical Specifications


5600/6740 mm


900 mm

Working height:

900 mm

Work surface:

5600 x 800 mm covered with 8 mm VET glass

Tissue dropping funnel:

400 x 400 x 200 mm

Basin size:

400 x 400 x 200 mm

Water faucet:

Mixer tap with swivel spout and pull-out shower on the cover in the basin area

Supplied / exhausted air volume:

1000 m3 / h (via circulating air filtration system), 2003 / h (via on-site ventilation system)

Fresh air supply from ceiling element:

- Air intake element attached to the front long side of the rear wall
- Suspended from the ceiling at the front
- 2 pieces of clean room lights with 2 fluorescent tubes 80W each
- 2 pieces of clean room lights with 2 fluorescent tubes 54W each with Dali dimming

Circulating air filtration system:

Dimensions length 1140 x width 1050 x height 2150/2730 mm. Filtration capacity 1000 m3 / h


- Niche for refrigerators
- 3 pieces of drawer blocks
- Double door cabinet with shelves
- Double door cabinet for used solvents pump
- Tipping compartment with waste bin
- Space for dishwasher

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