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Body Lifter 

Professional Lifting and Transfer System

The ceiling system, developed using the latest technology, meets all complex requirements for lifting and transporting bodies. The Body Lifter offers a perfect solution for lifting and moving bodies from one place to another. The transfer from a hospital bed or a narrow coffin to a mortuary trolley and vice versa can be carried out effortlessly by one person. The Body Lifter can be mounted permanently to the ceiling or supplied slidable on a ceiling rail system that can be easily adapted to local requirements. The safety features and easy handling of the Body Lifter make this product a market leader.  

Technical Specifications

Material lifting beam on ceiling:

CrNi steel 1.4301 / aluminum

External dimensions fixed lifting beam on ceiling (LxWxH):

2005 x 388/430 x 225 mm

External dimensions slidable ceiling beam (LxWxH):

2005-4000 x 388/430 x 225 mm

Movement along the rail; sliding version:


Material lifting rack:

Aluminum / stainless steel 1.4301

External dimensions lifting rack (LxW):

1940 x 355/570 mm

Arm and leg holder:

Integrated, movable, foldable

Control element:

Electric, 2 buttons

Lifting height:

≤ 2400 mm

Electrical connection:

3 PE AC, 400/500 V, 50/60 Hz


Min. 13 A

Engine power:

0.37 kW


160 kg

Load capacity:

Max. 300 kg

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