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Aspiro Harvester: 

Harvesters with high capacity aspiration

With high capacity aspiration Harvesters you are free to design optimal assay conditions with respect of number of wells in use or the volume of the sample plate. Even at high concentration or viscosity of the sample you will not need a large and noisy monster of vacuum pump. The compact bench-top VACUSAFE unit from Connectorate is sufficient. The secret lies in the size of tubings and bottles.

The ASPIRO Harvester modification can be applied to all existing Inotech Harvester systems.

ASPIRO Harvesters are characterized by two features:

  • High capacity 3-Valve Block (IH-174.3ASP), optional 4-Valve Block (IH-174.4ASP)

  • 2 x 5 lt security flasks with large tubing connections (IV-800A)

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