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Cell Harvester Features


"Inotech" Cell Harvester Feature


Originally developed by Inotech in cooperation with the Basle Institute for Immunology, the Harvester is used world-wide for various glass fiber filtration applications, for example, cell proliferation assays, membrane or precipitate collection, or receptor-ligand complex collection. Swiss precision, design and quality manufacturing go into all instruments.

Today, the “Inotech“ Harvester is manufactured by Connectorate AG, exclusively.


  • Complete system setup, including harvester, vacuum bottles and a vacuum/compressor pump 

  • Interchangeable formats for 96-well 48-well and 24-well microtiter plate and microtube harvesting

  • Rapid processing: Harvests a single microtiter plate in less than 1 minute from start of aspiration to finish of washing

  • Short aspiration skinless steel tubes maximizing capture of the target molecule on the filter

  • Compatible for use with a variety of counters including all standard liquid scintillation counters, the Wallac Microbeta (TM) counter, the Packard Matrix™ counter, “Hidex” Plate Chameleon counter, Perkin Elmer Omnifilter, phosphor-imaging and gamma counters


The “Inotech” Cell Harvester is ideal for:

  • Cell Proliferation Assays

  • Mixed Lymphocyte Culture (MLC) Assays

  • Receptor-Binding Assays

  • Single Stranded Template DNA Harvesting

Types of Counter Adaptations

Starting with the universal Harvester body, the user can select one of several standard processing head formats (96- 48- or 24-well) to be paired with several filter options (standard glass fiber filter sheets, Wallac grid-lined filter sheets, or Unifilter filter plates). Later, if needs change, the user can convert to any other processing head format using the same Harvester body, and in most cases the original pipetting plate.

  • Standard Harvesters : Collects samples on filter disks for counting in LSC vials
    Standard Harvesters include 96-well, 48-well and 24-well formats designed to harvest all samples simultaneously from any microtiter plate on filter disks. 

  • Filtermat Harvesters: Collects samples on grid lined filtermats for counting in cassettes
    96- 48- or 24-well format Harvester with non-cutting processing heads for collection of samples on complete filter sheets. 

  • Filterplate Harvesters: Collects samples on filterplates with integrated filters
    Harvester Set-ups to use Unifilter – solid frame plates or Millipore filter plates - to be read in the Packard Top Counter. 

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