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Pump Station: (not available)

VacuSafe: Vacuum / Pressure Pump Station


VacuSafe is designed to work with any Cell Harvesting system, providing wash solutions and collecting waste. Depending on the Harvester, several wash solutions can be dispensed under positive pressure for even distribution to each well or tube, and collection bottles can be attached for “hot” and “cold” waste, and a safety trap. Bottles containing wash solutions connect to the compressor system and to the dispensing valves on the Harvester. Waste bottles are connected to the vacuum system and to the aspiration valves on the Harvester.

VacuSafe can also be used as a multipurpose vacuum-compressor system designed to conveniently aspirate and dispense liquids for a variety of applications. VacuSafe can dispense liquids for general wash protocols or sterile liquids can be dispensed for tissue culture media changes. The aspiration system is designed to collect fluids from wash protocols.



IH-280: Combined Washing Suction System for Inotech Harvester includes the following components:

  • Vacuum pump system with controller

  • Pressure pump system with controller and security valve

  • Security Flasks, 1 PP pressure flask for wash solutions

  • Tubings and Fittings

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